New Pharm

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  • New Pharm
  • nation wide
  • 2008-2018
  • 400-800 square meters

A chain of drugstores and pharmacies, operating more than 80 stores across Israel. The stores offer a wide assortment of products, ranging from cosmetics to general merchandise. The interior design and construction of the stores include branches that are standalone, as well as those which are part of bigger retail spaces, such as shopping malls.
Each space divides differently into designed areas, workspace areas, sales areas and storage areas. The floors, ceilings and lights are dynamic, allowing for future changes as required. The lighting is simultaneously functional and complementary, with each thematic area lit differently as necessary.

The meticulous design strives to promote an active shopping experience, specially tailored to the different kinds of products sold in each sect of the store. It draws shoppers into the space and guides them throughout their journey from beginning to end. The stores maintain a unified design theme, and combine both permanent and non-permanent features, which allow changes as the merchandise and needs of the specific store evolve.
The design converses with the target consumers’ shopping patterns and behavior. The success of the design is measured by its impact on productivity.